Breanna's Brighter Days

Making Each Day Brighter!

***Thank God!!! We made it! No more Treatments!!

 Our daughter, Breanna Jones, a vibrant 6 yr old, was recently diagnosed with a rare bone cancer, Ewing's Sarcoma. We never imagined the possibility or toll that a sudden illness can take on your livelihood, but now that its hit home, we are persevering through it with the grace of God. My sincere hope is that this website will inform you about Ewings Sarcoma, and simply update you on Breanna's progress as we strongly continue to battle Ewings Sarcoma.

Breanna is currently being treated at Texas Childrens Hospital in Houston, TX. Her customized treatment plan requires many cycles of bi-weekly inpatient stays to receive chemotherapy. The Great news is that the tumor was found fairly early and has not spread to other areas of her body. The bone cancer attacked her right femur and growth plate, making it necessary for her to need a prosthetic device which will be undetectably placed inside her leg. The custom made device will be constructed in England, and flown into the states in time for her November 30th, 2010 surgery. And this is just not ANY old surgery folks- our Special girl of course is getting a Special Surgery! Please visit the "links" page for detailed information/interview/video.

My hope in informing everyone about our battle, will allow everyone to see that despite all odds, despite statistics, despite negativity,despite the defeated moments that may arise, we trust that we serve an Awesome God! Who will not put more on us than we can bear, so most of all, we ask that you keep our families in deep prayer and  help us to remain encouraged.