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Posted by Colleena on April 14, 2011 at 1:20 AM

        We are all smiles! Giving all Honor and thanks to God! We are inpatient, and on Day 2 of 6 days!  The red carpet has been rolled out for Bre up here! Everyone is congratulating her and wishing her well.  A pink and green banner is taped to her door that reads "Way to go Breanna, Its Your Last Chemo!" Everyone has been signing it and bringing so much joy to her. And God has been sending the Angels her way----A complete stranger handed Breanna, $100!!!! Said he heard it was her last chemo, and he wanted her to feel special-----And let me tell you, I have Never seen that girl smile so BIG! :-)  It just so happened that the hospital didn't have any rooms available for our admission---which meant we would have had to wait around for about 6 hours until one became available. Since the money was burning Bre's pockets so badly---she went crazy shopping! Lets just say she can now only afford a pack of gum....if its on sale! :-) But She enjoyed every last minute of it!  After all the shopping, we went to a movie, and God was still at work as usual----When we were ready to pay for our tickets, we were told that it had already been taken care of by the customer in front of us! As it turns out, she had just completed her last chemo 2 weeks ago---she didn't even know that she just made Bre's 1st day  of her last treatment that much more special! God is SO amazing!!!

 And Bre took her 1st steps with both legs today! She hasn't been able to put weight on her right leg for 9 months, since she was diagnosed----but today that changed! She was cleared to use 30lbs of force with the leg, and she made 2 laps around the floor afterwards. Tomorrows goal is using a stationary bike-----we can't wait!!! I'll keep you posted, and post pics/ or video.

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