Breanna's Brighter Days

Making Each Day Brighter!

In Breanna's case...

I remember the day Breanna was diagnosed clearly. The only confusing part of that day was hearing the words EWINGS SARCOMA. I thought, What is THAT??? I had never heard of that type of Cancer and that scared me even more. Not to mention the explanation by the doctor flew completely over my head! So I will keep things simple in relaying all information to you.

Ewings Sarcoma is an aggressive form of Bone Cancer.

Dont let the term "aggressive" alarm you...It doesn't mean fatal. Just means that this type of Cancer has the potential to move very swiftly if it has spread to other areas of her body and it can be difficult to treat.Thankfully, in Breanna's case, it has not spread. But, since the cancer is still aggressive, the treatment plan to diminish the Cancer also has to be Aggressive.

The medical term for her vigorous treatment plan is "Interval Compression". Which basically means she alternates between 2 different cycles of Chemotherapy. You may not know, but there are several different chemo meds, each one used to treat different types of Cancer.

Breanna's First Cycle of Chemo Consists of the following meds:


During this cycle she is inpatient for about 4 days. This cycle is given through IV's continuously at strong doses. The main side effects that Breanna experiences with these meds is the unavoidable nausea/vomiting and intense jaw pain. The side effects usually last about 4 days after her treatment.

Breanna's Second  cycle of Chemo includes the following meds:


During this cycle she is inpatient 6 days. These meds are given through IV as well, but only for a few hours each day. The side effects are minimal. She may experience some nausea, but not very much. She usually makes up for any appetite loss during this stay.


In additon to the Chemo, she will also have surgery to remove the tumor and place the prosthetic. For more details on the surgery, go to the "links" tab.